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Join With Me and Let’s Change the World -- Paul Craig Roberts

Join With Me and Let’s Change the World

December 9, 2017

Join With Me and Let’s Change the World

Harvard Researchers Conclude That Margaret Mead Was Right: It Only Takes A Few To Change The World

Paul Craig Roberts

According to the latest fake news from the US government and presstitute media, the US unemployment rate is the lowest in 17 years, but there is no growth in wages. What explains full, or overfull, employment without wage pressure? Obviously, the full employment figure is the orchestrated product of not counting the millions of discouraged workers who, unable to find a job, have ceased looking. If you are unemployed but not looking for a job, you are not counted as unemployed. As it is costly to look for a job, and after awhile looking becomes very depressing, the unemployed just disappear out of the government’s statistics. Will this fake news be something that google censors out of the Internet? Don’t bet your life that google hired 10,000 people to weed off the Internet the fake US employment reports.

Who asked google to transform itself from search engine to gatekeeper? Is there a conspiracy here against the First Amendment? What are google’s qualifications for determining what is fake news and extremist views? Is what are we witnessing here the elite’s use of a private company to control explanations in behalf of the One Percent?

How does a private company get to overrule the First Amendment of the US Constitution? Is this another example of the arrogance embodied in the trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific partnerships that set up corporate tribunals to dictate environmental and other policy to sovereign governments? The elites and globalists are still determined to resurrect these agreements that destroy the sovereignty of peoples.

Why do people use google, youtube, facebook, and twitter when the companies are in a conspiracy against freedom of the press? Is the answer that Americans had rather be entertained than to be free?

Young Americans have already set themselves up for tyranny by using only digital means of payment. Digital money means that government knows every purchase, a person’s holdings, and where their money is. Digital money gives government complete control. Government can freeze, confiscate, turn off your digital money at will, leaving the person totally helpless. Go protest and suddenly you can’t pay your rent, your car payment, your credit card bill. People in such a plight are incapable of resistance. They are far worst off than 19th century slaves, about which there is so much protest.

Are the false war criminal charges brought against former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic an example of the fake news that google is going to suppress? Every Western presstitute, the corrupt Clinton regime, and Washington’s servile European puppet states demonized the innocent Milosevic as a war criminal and sent him off to The Hague to be tried by the War Crimes Tribunal. Milosevic died, or was murdered, in his cell while awaiting the verdict. The Tribunal pronounced him “not guilty,” and now eleven years after his death has again found him not guilty. Are the despicable presstitutes and politicians responsible for ruining Milosevic’s life, and Serbia, examples of the extremist fake news that google is going to censor?

Are Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, and Russian invasion of Ukraine examples of the fake news that google is going to censor?

Don’t bet a nickel on it. Google, youtube, facebook and twitter are going to censor truth so that only the elite’s lies are heard.

Already those who tell the truth are slandered as “conspiracy theorists,” “Russian agents,” and “anti-semites,” and this is prior to google and social media going into action for the One Percent. Ironically, the only way anyone interested in truth will be able to find it is to use Russian and Chinese search engines. They exist already, and if those governments can see the opportunity, the Russian and Chinese search engines will displace google.

Let’s look at google’s censoring of the Internet from a different point of view. Let’s assume that I am being unfair to google and that google is sincere and has in mind some workable definition of “extremism.” What is extreme depends on one’s point of view. For example, what extremism means to a Palestinian is very different from what an Israeli Zionist regards as extremism. How will google monitor 10,000 people censoring the Internet for extremism? An employee affected by the Russiagate hoax will regard any fair statement toward Russia as extremism. A Zionist will regard any criticism of Israel as extremism. Identity Politics will regard any defense of white males or “Civil War” memorials as extremism. You can come up with your own examples. What google is doing is hiring 10,000 people whose personal agendas and biases will determine what “extremism” is.

The US Constitution protects free speech in order to protect truth. If a majority or a minority or “national security” or whatever can censor, in place of truth there will be self-serving agendas and explanations. Truth emerges from open discourse, not from censorship.

Charles Hugh Smith tells us that our rulers intend to control us “with officially generated and sanctioned fake news and ‘approved’ dissent.” In other words, even dissent will be concocted. has large readership and dedicated supporters. Nevertheless, many readers think that an individual website can’t have much impact, so why contribute to it. They are wrong. Harvard University researchers in a recent study published in Science conclude that “even small independent news outlets can have a dramatic effect on the content of national conversation.”

Indeed, this website has a large international impact, in addition to its domestic weight, as many of the columns are reposted on other websites with heavy traffic and translated into other languages and reposted. I am often interviewed on national TV in other countries. There are even Chinese websites that post my columns:

Those of you who make up excuses for not supporting a website that keeps you free open up your pockets and send your donation. The liberal philanthropic foundations support the rule of the elites, and the conservative ones are now in the hands of the neoconservatives. There is no one to support the truth but the people. A tiny percentage of the annual outlay of one of the philanthropic foundations would keep this website alive for years, but it will not arrive.

Throughout the Western World, free thought and free speech are under police state assault. If you do not support those brave enough to speak truth to you, you will only have lies.

Here are a few examples of the influence of this website:

Croation postings: 

Serbian postings: 

Polish postings: 

Greek postings: 

Spanish posings: 

There are many other repostings in foreign translationDanish, Swedish, the Baltic languages, some former Soviet central Asian languages, Czech, Hungarian, Japanese.

My books are republished abroad in Russian, Chinese, Korean, Czech, Spanish, Turkish, German, French, and Spanish.

Fake news is not google’s real target. Truth-tellers are. A net of disinfomation is being thrown over the entire Western world. Nevertheless, as Margaret Mead said and as the Harvard University study confirms, it only takes a few to change the world.

So, join with me, and let’s change the world. If we don’t, there won’t be a world.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Avoiding Nuclear War Is Our First Priority --- Paul Craig Roberts

Avoiding Nuclear War Is Our First Priority

Avoiding Nuclear War Is Our First Priority
Paul Craig Roberts
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Michel Chossudovsky, a distinguished professor in Canada, directs the Centre for Research on Globalization and the website Global Research, a font of important information unavailable from the presstitute Western media. In this article he tells us that if we do not focus on peace instead of war, we are all going to die:
Professor Chossudovsky makes an important point, made to me some years ago by my colleague Zbigniew Brzezinski and recently by former Secretary of Defense William Perry (see: ). 
Professor Chossudovsky reminds us to “bear in mind that mistakes are often what determine the course of world history.” A US attack on North Korea would be a mistake that could precipate a nuclear war.
There is no doubt that Chossudovsky is correct.
Additionally, the continued demonization of Russia, China, and Iran could precipate a nuclear war. In other words, we are surrounded by very real threats created by Washington that receive no attention from Western governments and the presstitute media. As I wrote on December 5, we are “walking into Armageddon.”
Professor Chossudovsky has amassed a huge amount of information that makes clear the vast difference between the level-headed era of JFK/Khrushchev and the insanity of the post-Reagan era of the re-start of hostilities for the sake of the power and profit of the US military/security complex and the neoconservatives’ ideology of US world hegemony.
I am unsure that the peoples of the Western world can without violence against their governments do anythng to prevent nuclear war, because the Western politicians are in the pay of the military/security complex and the financial and corporate interest groups that benefit from US hegemony. American hegemony produces profits, and for the sake of these profits Western leaders will risk the fate of the world.
As I have emphasized repeatedly, Americans as a result of their insouciance and patriotism live in a world in which the explanations they are given by government and the presstitutes are used to control what they think and believe. In this way, government and the interest groups that control government make their agendas independent of any control by the citizens. In the United States, and probably throughout the Western world, democracy simply does not exist. George Orwell predicted that this would be the case by 1984, but it took the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes to achieve it. Today in 2017 Big Brother does indeed rule the Western World.
Trump’s election was like Reagan’s. He appealed to the people instead of to the ruling interest groups. As a high official in Reagan’s government who was aligned with Reagan’s goals to end stagflation and the Cold War, I experienced first hand the cost of going against the powerful interest groups that are accustomed to ruling. We took part of their rule away from them, but now they have taken it back. And they are now stronger than before. Essentially, Trump is powerless and is limited to expressing his frustrations on Twitter.
In my opinion, the lesson being dealt to Trump will teach any future presidential candidate not to challenge the ruling oligarchy by appealing to the American people.
This means that democracy in America is stone dead. I sometimes wonder if democracy can be revived without violent revolution, and of course revolutions can go wrong.
Are Americans capable of violent revolution? If they are not, will the greedy elites remain in control until they stumble into a nuclear war?
General Lemnitzer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told President John F. Kennedy that the US could win a nuclear war with the Soviet Union if only JFK would give the go-ahead. General Lemnitzer also presented President Kennedy with the “Northwoods” plan that called for the US military to conduct false flag attacks on US citizens that could be blamed on Castro and serve as an excuse for a US invasion of Cuba. President Kennedy responded by removing Lemnitzer as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
A number of researchers have concluded that Lemnitzer’s removal convinced the military/security complex that Kennedy was soft on communism and a threat to American national security.
The Obama regime recreated the Russian scare. In his election campaign Trump revealed that he was out of step with the recreation of the Russian threat, for which he has been punished with “Russiagate.” Can a president concerned that he might be removed from office by a special prosecutor or possibly assassinated, resist the march toward war?
Trump is surrounded by a Secret Service that believes that protecting the President is protecting the United States. However, if the Secret Service is convinced by the Special Prosecutor, Congress, the military/security complex, and the presstitutes that Trump is in league with the Russians in a Russiagate conspiracy against the United States, the Secret Service could fail to protect Trump, just as they failed to protect President John F. Kennedy.
You can rescue yourself from the false report that Oswald assassinated President Kennedy by watching online the Secret Service agents, who protected President Kennedy in his open car from gunfire, being called away from the car so that the assassins could have a clear shot at Kennedy. You can see that the bullet hits Kennedy in the right front temple and blows off the back of his head. You can see his wife, Jackie, climb onto the trunk of the car to retrieve the back of the president’s head. So much for the fake story that Oswald shot JFK from behind. All evidence disproves the Oswald story. No evidence whatsoever supports it. This is the conclusion of many years of research by many authors.
Many researchers have concluded that the Warren Commission knew that JFK was assassinated by elements of the military/security complex, but that the commission knew that it could not tell the American people in the wake of the Cuban missile crisis that the US government had just murdered the US president. At a difficult time in the Cold War, Americans would loose confidence in their own military and security services. I can understand a decision to cover up what happened.
Nevertheless, those responsible should have been forced to resign on the grounds that they failed to protect the President of the United States, and under cover of preventing another such failure in the future, the black ops section of the CIA should have been closed down, as President Kennedy intended to do. The failure by the Johnson administration to remedy the situation has left the power in the hands of the security agencies to act against the president, as we are witnessing with the attack on Trump by CIA director John Brennan, and FBI directors Comey and Mueller.
Trump is portrayed by the presstitutes as an idiot. But he is not an idiot. Idiots don’t wind up being billionaires or married to the most beautiful woman on earth. Idiots don’t have the confidence to take on the interest groups that control the two political parties and win a presidential election.
Trump is anything but dumb, but he understands now that he is not really the president of the United States.
The United States is ruled by the militry/security complex, by the Federal Reserve in the interests of the big banks and Wall Street, by the extractive industries as evidenced by Trump handing over to them two national monuments in Utah to be ravaged, raped, and ruined for their profit, and by the Israel Lobby, which has kept Washington at war in the Middle East for 16 years. The Amerian people have no input into decisons. Americans are powerless and helpless, like Jews and everyone else in the Nazi camps and like the Palestinians in the Gaza ghetto. They have no voice and are irrelevant to the decisions made in Washington.
Once you understand this, you can understand why Trump would move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The Israel Lobby is one of the most powerful interest groups in Washington. Trump, under attack from so many quarters can do no better than to have the Israel Lobby and Mossad on his side.
Who else can Trump turn to? The people in flyover America who elected him are powerless. The Isreal Lobby isn’t.
Just look at the results of Trump’s announcement that the US embassy will be located in Jerusalem. The neoconservatives who were determined to get rid of Trump because he voiced peace with Russia and the Muslims instead of US hegemony, now praise him. Even John Podhoretz, a leader of death-to-Trump, is euphoric that Trump flaunted the UN and international law and declared, in effect, Jerusalem to be Israel’s. National Review, formerly a conservative magazine for which I was once a contributing editor, but now a vassal of the Israel Lobby, described Trump’s action as “a blow against international anti-Semitism.”
If you were alone in Washington’s hot seat under constant attack by the pressitute media and the military/security complex and under investigation by a Special Prosecutor appointed for the explicit purpose of indicting you and removing you from office, and you could turn to a powerful interest group before which all tremble, would you not seek the protection of the Israel Lobby and Mossad? Some fool you would be not to do so. As the CIA has known for decades, the agency is penetrated by Mossad. Trump can know in advance if the CIA is going to assassinate him.
So, dear readers, you have asked me why Trump has opened the way for Israel’s complete takeover of Palestine. Perhaps the answer is that Trump is hoping that the powerful Israel Lobby will protect him from Mueller and the military/security complex, who are out to get him.
Perhaps it is a hopeful development that Trump has taken refuge in the Israel Lobby’s protection. Mossad, of course, is more capable than the CIA. If the Israel Lobby will protect Trump, perhaps Trump can survive the assault on him by the military/security complex and actually restore trust between the two major nuclear powers. What does Israel have to lose by preserving life on earth? Israel has already gained, in the face of international law, UN resolutions, and a compliant America and Europe, all of Palestine. Israel has achieved what the American Empire achieved against the native Americans. And now Trump gives Israel the last prize–Jerusalem. Why should not the Israel Lobby protect Trump?
Americans can bitch about the Jews all they want (until it becomes illegal), but what is there to bitch about if the Israel Lobby can save the only politician in the Western world who wants to normalize relations and reduce the high level of tensions with Russia?
If the Israel Lobby will save us and the planet from nuclear destruction, more power to them. It is unfortunate for the long-suffering Palestinians that they are the sacrificial lamb, but is the fault Trump’s or the fault of the military/security complex, the DNC, and the presstitute media for putting Trump in a desperate situation?
Further reading:
“Nuclear Winter and Global Starvation,”

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Says Mueller Should Resign as Special Prosecutor

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Says Mueller Should Resign as Special Prosecutor
Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Says Mueller Should Resign as Special Prosecutor
As a former member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, I agree.
WSJ Editorial Board Calls for Robert Mueller to Step Down After FBI Agent’s Anti-Trump Texts
Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty
by ADAM SHAW7 Dec 2017
The Wall Street Journal increased the pressure on embattled FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Tuesday with a scathing op-ed from its editorial board, calling on Mueller to resign over the controversy surrounding a lead investigator’s anti-Trump texts.
The New York Times and the Washington Post reported over the weekend that Mueller dismissed FBI agent Peter Strzok over anti-Trump texts he sent to an FBI lawyer with whom he was having an extramarital affair.
Since then, outlets have reported that Strzok was involved in the interview of former national security Michael Flynn, who was charged last week for lying to the FBI. Strzok was also involved in the Hillary Clinton email probe, where he reportedly interviewed two top Clinton aides and was later behind the change of language Comey used to describe her behavior — changing the language from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.”
The Journal’s editorial board argued Tuesday that the scandal is reason for Mueller to stand down, noting that Mueller and the Justice Department had kept the information from investigators in the House, and refused to allow Strzok to be interviewed.
The board, which can not accurately be described as “pro-Trump,” argues in addition to the FBI’s questionable moves and stonewalling — including about possible connections to the Fusion GPS “Trump dossier” — it is far from clear if Mueller can be trusted to run the probe. It notes in particular Mueller’s connection to former FBI Director James Comey:
All of this reinforces our doubts about Mr. Mueller’s ability to conduct a fair and credible probe of the FBI’s considerable part in the Russia-Trump drama. Mr. Mueller ran the bureau for 12 years and is fast friends with Mr. Comey, whose firing by Mr. Trump triggered his appointment as special counsel. The reluctance to cooperate with a congressional inquiry compounds doubts related to this clear conflict of interest.
The Journal also argues that there have been a number of examples of resistance from the FBI more broadly to congressional oversight, particularly Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s role in ignoring House subpoenas. Rosenstein appointed Mueller to the role.
The Journal argues that the increasing focus on the FBI, and Mueller’s role in that, means he should step down:
The latest news supports our view that Mr. Mueller is too conflicted to investigate the FBI and should step down in favor of someone more credible. The investigation would surely continue, though perhaps with someone who doesn’t think his job includes protecting the FBI and Mr. Comey from answering questions about their role in the 2016 election.
The Journal’s board called for Mueller to stand down in October after revelations about the FBI’s actions surrounding the sale of Uranium One to Russian energy giant Rosatom, as well as the need for answers behind the FBI’s role in the Trump dossier.
“It is no slur against Mr. Mueller’s integrity to say that he lacks the critical distance to conduct a credible probe of the bureau he ran for a dozen years,” the Journal’s editorial board wrote.
Adam Shaw is a Breitbart News politics reporter based in New York. Follow Adam on Twitter: @AdamShawNY.
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Can the American Left Be Resurrected? Paul Craig Roberts

Can the American Left Be Resurrected?

Can the American Left Be Resurrected?
Paul Craig Roberts
Readers: if your website dies it won’t be resurrected. Come to its support.
“Where is the leftwing when we need it” is a question I have asked at times. Some of my readers who confuse the left with Antifa and Identity politics have been confused by my question. Why, they ask, do I want more Antifa thugs and Identity Politics hatred of white people?
The answer is that Antifa and Identity Politics are the antithesis of the left. The real left is pro-working class, pro all of the working class, all races, genders, sexual preferences. Identity Politics splinters the working class into victims of white heterosexual males and destroys the cohesivenss of the working class, thereby making it easer for exploiters to exploit. Antifa aids in this process by focusing hatred on whites by accusing only whites of racism.
It was Karl Marx who said: “Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains.”
It is Identity Politics that says, “Workers of the world disunite, splinter into victim groups and hate white males.” In other words, Identity Politics is the worst enemy the working class has ever had. Capitalist expoitation unifies the working class, but Identity Politics divides the working class and makes it easier for capitalists to exploit and for politicians to ignore.
Does my call for a resurrected leftwing mean that I am a Marxist?
No. It means I agree with John Kenneth Galbraith that without countervailing power, the economic-social-political system goes out of balance, as the United States clearly has. In a short period of time the distribution of income and wealth in the US has gone from reasonable to unreasonable. Working and middle class wages, salaries, and job opportunities have declined. But irresponsible corporate jobs offshoring and irresponsible Federal Reserve inflation of the prices of financial assets have caused the income and wealth of the One Percent to reach fantastic levels. A handful of people have more wealth than 100 million Americans. Democracy is forfeited as Congress responds to a handful of people and to a handful of powerful organized interest groups. A tax cut designed to increase the inequality has just passed Congress at a time of the worst income and wealth distribution in our history. (See, for example, ) Instead of addressing the dire situation, Identity Politics goes after white people and President Trump for being allegedly elected by the white working class.
When I read in CounterPunch the attack by CounterPunch’s radio host Eric Draitser on the white working class “Trump deplorables,” I thought Alexander Cockburn, CounterPunch’s founder, must be rolling over in his grave. With CounterPunch degenerating into Identity Politics, the working class was without an advocate except for the World Socialist Web Site.
It is possible that Identity Politics has condemned the world to nuclear Armageddon by lining up the liberal-progressive-left with the military/security complex’s “Russiagate” attack on President Trump. As I have explained, the purpose of Russiagate is to prevent Trump from normalizing relations with nuclear superpower Russia and defusing the dangerous tensions that have been built up by reckless and irresponsible US government actions against Russia. On many occasions I have explained the world threatening consequences of Washington’s demonization of Russia and its leadership. ( See, for example, )
Yesterday my despair over the demise of the American leftwing lifted a little when I read in CounterPunch Michael K. Smith’s attack on Identity Politics for what it is: a despicable intent to destroy the working class by destroying its unity. You can read Smith here: this is CounterPunch’s opening gun in bringing the American leftwing back to life.
Without a strong and united working class there is nothing to balance corporate power. Capitalist greed ends up destroying itself by destroying working class income and consumer purchasing power. Greed then turns on public assets demanding that they be privatized or opened for looting as is now happening to protected national monuments and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
With the working class marginalized, now it is the influence of the environmental movement that is being rolled back. Next it will be Social Security and Medicare as the ruling oligarchy pushes the social system back to the era before the New Deal. In the absence of countervailing power, there is no limit to the unwinding of the reforms that made capitalist America a liveable society.
To prevent this we all have a stake in the resurrection of the American left.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Basi americane: in Italia (in 2003)

Resultado de imagem para picture of basi usa in italia

Il dato ufficiale dice che le basi statunitensi in Italia ad ora sono 120. Bisogna considerare poi le oltre 20 basi militari segrete, e un numero non certo che riguarda gli insediamenti militari con presenza di militari USA. Alcune fonti parlano di una sessantina di questi insediamenti. Per le basi segrete si brancola del buio, perche non si sa dove queste siano presenti e se al loro interno abbiano armi o meno. In questa quarta parte del Dossier dedicato alle basi dello "Zio Tom", faremo un viaggio lungo l’Italia, regione per regione, per vedere dove queste basi si trovino.
Partiamo dalla Basilicata, a Pietraficcata in provincia di Matera c’e il centro di telecomunicazioni USA-NATO. A Cirigliano, sempre in provincia di Matera c’e il Comando delle forze navali USA in Europa.
Spostandoci in Calabria, a Crotone troviamo la stazione di telecomunicazione NATO-USA e radar NATO. A Monte Mancuso, in provincia di Catanzaro c’e la stazione ditelecomunicazione NATO-USA. In passato da alcune fonti si dice che i militari americani abbiano nascosto delle testate nucleari. A Nicastro e Sellia Marina, provincia di Catanzaro ci sono due stazioni di telecomunicazioni USA-NATO.
Spostiamoci in Campania: ad Agnano Terme, nel napoletano, c’e una base dell’US Army. Bagnoli rappresenta uno dei centri nevralgici dei siti americani nel Mediterraneo. Qui c’e il quartier generale della NATO, con vari comandi di unita di servizi USA. E il centro piu grande per le telecomunicazioni del Mediterraneo dell’US Navy. Da qui parte tutta la parte di coordinazione dell’attivita di comunicazione, di comando e di controllo del Mediterraneo. A Capodichino c’e la base aerea utilizzata dall’USAF e dagli aerei dell’US Navy. Al suo interno ci sono 3.500 uomini e il comando della Vi Flotta. A Castel Volturno troviamo il villaggio US Navy Coppola Via Delle Acacie. A Giugliano, hinterland napoletano, c’e la stazione e centro di telecomunicazione ComandoSatcom. A Grazzanise, vicino Caserta, la base USAF. Qui partono gli aerei diretti nel Kosovo. In occasioni di emergenza, in passato, sono atterrati e ripartiti gli F-117, gli F-16C. Nell’isola di Ischia e presente la stazione ed il centro di telecomunicazione USA con copertura NATO. A Lago di Patria, centro del casertano, una stazione con centro di telecomunicazione USA, Comando Satcom. Nel comune di Licola, altra stazione e centro di telecomunicazione USA. A Monastero, provincia di Avellino, stazione e centro di telecomunicazione USA. Una base militare e installazioni per collegamenti radio navali ed aerei del Mediterraneo. A Mondragone c’e un centro Comando NATO ed USA sotterraneo antiatomico. In questa postazione verrebbero spostati i comandi NATO e USA in caso di guerra. C’e anche una stazione per le comunicazioni. Una stazione e centro di telecomunicazioni si trova a Monte Camaldoli e a Monte Massico. Anche a Monte Vergine, provincia di Avellino, una stazione e centro ditelecomunicazioni. Ma vi e anche una base militare e installazioni per i collegamenti radio navali. Nel capoluogo partenopeo si trovano molte installazioni in uso agli americani. C’e il quartier Generale Alfsouth della NATO, il Comando supremo forze alleate sud Europa. C’e il Comando Compagnia della Security Force del Corpo dei Mariners, il Comando Supremo Forze Navali USA sud Europa, il Comando sommergibili del Mediterraneo, il Comando Supremo delle Forze Aeree USA per il Mediterraneo,i Gruppi sommergibili, i sottomarini alleati nel Mediterraneo, le forze aeronavali alleate nel Mediterraneo, e presente il Comando in Capo delle Forze Aeree Alleate del Sud-Europa. L’Alfsouth ha la competenza di un’area di che racchiude cinque paesi membri: Italia, Turchia, Grecia, Ungheria, Spagna. Questa area parte dallo Stretto di Gibilterra e arriva fino al Mar d’Azov, comprendendo il Mediterraneo e il Mar Nero. E sede della VI Flotta di stanza a Gaeta. A Nisida c’e il quartier generale della NATO(Base US Army) con 4.000 uomini. Base navale USA. Base chiusa di recente. A Pozzuoli l’aeroporto in uso alla Nato.
Andiamo al nord nel Friuli Venezia Giulia. Qui ad Aquileia troviamo una base missilistica. Aviano invece e considerata la piu grande base militare-aerea NATO del Nord. Ma da punto di vista strategico anche la piu importante del Mediterraneo. C’e un deposito nucleare e un centro di telecomunicazioni dell’USAF. Ospita il 40? gruppo aereo tattico USA, la 16ma Forza Aerea ed il 31? Gruppo da caccia dell’aviazione americana. Ospita uno squadrone di F-18 dei Marines. Al suo interno vivono 3.500 soldati. E’ una base strategica visto il suo ruolo. Ci sono le forze di combattimento USAF utilizzate gia in Bosnia. Base logistica durante la guerra del Kosovo. Con i suoi oltre 170 aerei e la principale base di partenza delle missioni NATO verso la Jugoslavia. Ospita 50 cacciabombardieri F-16 e 50, nonche bombe atomiche. Nel Friuli nel 1998, ci fu la strage del Cermis. Un aereomilitare decollato da Aviano per un volo di addestramento, durante una manovra errata, trancio i cavi di una funivia uccidendo 20 persone. Come se nulla fosse, in quella circostanza, nessun militare americano e stato condannato. A Caneva, vicino Pordenone, c’e base missilistica con installazioni sottomarine. A Casarsa, sempre vicino Pordenone, una base di elicotteri NATO e della Unites States Air Force. A Cividale del Friuli c’e di istanza un Comando NATO. A Cordovado presente una base missilistica. A Maniago c’e il poligono di tiro utilizzato dall’US Air Force (USAF). Alla base di Rivolto, l’aeroporto militare usato dall’USAF. Presenti gli F16C/J Fighting Falcon, gli F-117 alle dipendenze del Comando US.Air-Force di Aviano. Rivolto e famosa anche per essere la base delle Frecce Tricolori dove ogni giorno si addestrano nelle loro evoluzioni. A Roveredo in Piano troviamo un deposito armi e munizioni USAF. Anche a San Bernardo un deposito di munizioni dell’US Army. A Trieste invece c’euna base navale statunitense. A San Dona di Piave una base missilistica. A Vivaro c’e il poligono utilizzato dalla VI Flotta americana.

Manlio Dinucci








lie we live



“Glory to God in the highest,

and on Earth

Peace, Good Will toward men.”

This Christmas, Give Peace